Krajee Yii Extensions

A collection of extensions & modules for Yii Framework 2.0.


This extension enhances or adds functionality to existing Yii Framework 2 widgets. It incorporates additional features available in Bootstrap, HTML 5 inputs, and affiliated Bootstrap extras.



Editor extensions for Yii2 framework. Includes Summernote rich text editor and Codemirror plain text code editor widgets with pretty formatting.



Collection of Yii2 model validator components that adds new validations or enhances existing Yii2 model validators (e.g. email, phone, credit/debit cards)



An extended Bootstrap 5.x dropdown widget for Yii Framework 2 with submenu drilldown. This widget enhances the Dropdown & ButtonDropdown widgets from yii2-bootstrap5 with additional features like submenu drilldown and enhanced styles.


Easily make any content editable. An enhanced editable widget for Yii 2.0 that allows easy editing of displayed data, using inputs, widgets and more with numerous configuration possibilities.


An extended Bootstrap 3 Nav widget for Yii Framework 2 with submenu drilldown. This widget extends the \yii\bootstrap\Nav widget with some additional controls and uses the \kartik\dropdown\DropdownX widget for enabling a submenu drilldown.


An extended tabs widget for Yii Framework 2 based on the bootstrap-tabs-x jQuery plugin by Krajee. This widget enhances the default bootstrap tabs plugin with various new styling enhancements.


An enhanced bootstrap popover for Yii 2.0 that combines both the popover and bootstrap modal features with various new styling enhancements.


An extended Yii2 DetailView that enables both VIEW and EDIT modes. Accelerates your development with various additional features and easier methods to style your detail view widget cells, data, form inputs, widgets, and columns (more specifically for Bootstrap 3).


Yii2 GridView on steroids. A module with various enhancements to one of the most used Yii widget groups. Contains new additional Grid Columns with enhanced settings for Yii Framework 2.0. The widget also incorporates various Bootstrap 4.x/3.x styling options.


A great complementary addition to the yii2-grid module, enhancing it with personalization features. It turbo charges your grid view by making it dynamic and personalized for each user. It allows users the ability to set and save their own grid configuration.


A context menu extension for Yii framework 2.0 that allows users to right click a target element on the page and view a context menu. A wrapper for the bootstrap-contextmenu plugin which is styled for Bootstrap 4.x/3.x.


This package offers an easy method to setup various icon frameworks and display icons within Yii Framework 2.0. Most popular free icon frameworks available are currently supported.


A form builder extension that allows you to build both single view and multi-view/tabular forms for Yii Framework 2.0. Supports all input types with ability to use input widgets, style your layouts, and more.


An advanced slider input for Yii Framework 2 based on seiyria/bootstrap-slider plugin. Allows vertical orientation, range selection, styling sliders, and more.


Easily setup ActiveField range fields with Bootstrap styling. Setup two attributes joined together like a single field with a Bootstrap addon separating the two. Display the field validation error messages as one single block, instead of separate validation errors for two fields.


Couple of great password management utilities for Yii Framework 2.0. Contains a password Strength Validator and an advanced Password Input widget with a dynamic strength meter.


An extension for Yii2 that allows to create sortable lists and grids, and manipulate them using simple drag and drop. Based on the lightweight html5sortable plugin, this uses the native HTML5 API for drag and drop.


An input widget for Yii 2.0 widget based on the yii2-sortable extension. It extends the yii2-sortable features by allowing you to store and save the sort order list.


A practical application template for Yii 2.0 based on the yii2-advanced template. This is best suited for shared hosts or for apps that need accessing frontend from the approot.


A practical application template for Yii 2.0 based on the yii2-practical template which in turn is based on the yii2-advanced template. This is best suited for shared hosts or for apps that need accessing frontend from the approot and backend from approot/backend.


A practical application template for Yii 2 based on the yii2-basic template best for rapidly creating small projects. This is best suited for shared hosts or for apps that need to directly access the application from the approot.


A module providing easy integration to social plugins and social APIs into your Yii project. Provides widgets for Disqus, Facebook, Twitter, Google, VKontakte, and GitHub.


An extended checkbox plugin for Yii 2 based on bootstrap-checkbox-x jQuery plugin by Krajee. The widget allows you to configure a checkbox with three states and various additional styles.


A module providing advanced Markdown formatting utilities for Yii 2.0. Implements Markdown Extra and Smarty Pants Typographer and an enhanced Markdown Editor Widget for online editing and preview.


An advanced date range picker input for Yii Framework 2 styled for Bootstrap 4.x/3.x based on bootstrap-daterangepicker plugin. Allows to create a dropdown menu from which a user can select a range of dates, and more.


This module allows globally controlling date formats of attributes - separately for View and Model for Yii Framework 2.0. It allows configuration of widget at view level and supports any date or time picker widget to be used with the extension.


A Yii2 widget component to easily configure popup notification dialog boxes. It provides a polyfill for the native javascript alert, confirm, and prompt dialog boxes. It includes inbuilt support for rendering rich dialog boxes via bootstrap3-dialog plugin, which makes using Bootstrap's modal more monkey-friendly.


A wrapper component for the mPDF library with various enhancements, that offers ability to generate PDF files from UTF-8 encoded HTML. This extension allows a Yii2 Component based approach of integrating the mPDF library with your application.


Allows you to export data from your database, server, or other source in various formats (e.g. excel, html, pdf, csv etc.) using the popular PHP Excel library.


An enhanced tree management module with Krajee built jQuery plugins and Yii widgets for tree node manipulation and management using nested sets. The module provides ability to manage hierarchical data stored using nested sets.


An IP address information display widget for Yii framework 2.0 with ability to display country flag and geo position info. This is based on the PHP API from to parse IP address details.


An advanced money mask input for Yii 2 based on jQuery-maskMoney plugin. Replaced since Jan 2018 by the better yii2-number extension.


An advanced number control input for Yii 2 based on jQuery input mask plugin. Replaces the yii2-money extension since Jan 2018.


A form enhancement widget for Yii framework 2.0 allowing in-field label support. This widget is a wrapper for the labelinplace plugin and is styled for Bootstrap 4.x/3.x.


This extension extends Yii's Html class to add helper functions for Bootstrap 4.x/3.x. It also extends Yii's Inflector with an Enum class, adding more useful helper functions.

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